6 Awesome Places in Thailand That You’ve Never Even Heard About

38 million – this is how many tourists visited Thailand last year. Could this crowd have missed anything? Could there be places in Thailand still undiscovered by mass tourism. You bet!

Niezadeptane przez turystów wyspy, puste plaże, niezatłoczone świątynie – wszystko to znajdziesz na poniższej liście pięknych miejsc w Tajlandii, o których nawet nie słyszałeś. A jeśli słyszałeś lub byłeś w którymś z nich, to znasz Tajlandię lepiej i zwiedzałeś ją intensywniej niż 95% przybyszów. Jeśli zaś znasz je i odwiedziłeś wszystkie, to mieszkasz lub mieszkałeś w Tajlandii przez kilka lat a twoja ciekawość nie zna granic 😉

Peaceful islands, empty beaches, uncrowded temples – you’ll find all this and more on this list of awesome places in Thailand that you’ve never ever heard about. And if you did hear or visit any of them, it means that you know Thailand and made your visit more in-depth that 95% of visitors to the county. And if you know and visited them all, it means that you live or lived in Thailand for a couple of years at least and that your curiosity knows no limits 🙂

Khao Na Yak / Golden Beach

Endless white sand beach, a picturesque bay hiding among the rocks, a massive mangrove forest and savanna, yep, you’ve read it right, savanna in Thailand. Who would have thought that a place of such stunning beauty could be hiding halfway between the even crowded Phuket and the uber-popular Khao Lak? And I won’t exaggerate even a bit if I say that Khao Na Yak is possible the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Thailand.

How to get there? It’s not easy. I traveled there with a car, a kayak, a longtail boat and on foot across the savanna – and I wouldn’t have made it without the help of some locals. Theoretically, you can walk there along the beach from the Khao Lampi Hat Thai Muang National Park, 10 km to the south.

Khao Na Yak is located  HERE

Khao Lampi National Park

When we lived in Phuket, our favorite weekend break destination wasn’t the popular beaches of Koh Phi Phi or Krabi, but this lesser-known National Park, located an hour drive north from the island. Khao Lampi is located next to the ugly little town of Thai Muang and for such a little-known place, it has lots to offer.

The beach here among the longest in Thailand (it runs all the way up from Phuket and is approximately 40 km long), it’s edged by a pine tree forest and is undoubtedly beautiful, though maybe not in a stereotypical, postcard manner (no palm trees). There is a very interesting sea turtle conservation centre nearby (our kids loved it!), local food is served with a sea-view and at very local prices and on top of that, you can stay overnight in the Park – wither in a tent or in a bungalow. But don’t expect a quiet night – the sound of the waves crashing on the beach is deafening 😉

Khao Lampi is located  HERE


south of thailand skok w bok -5

We found Phatthalung by pure chance, during our road trip to the south of Thailand. And today Phatthalung is among our favorite places in the country. Its landscape reminds me of a green carpet of rice fields with massive rocks scattered around. You can even climb 1066 steps to the top of one of there rocks – Khao Ok Thalu – and take in the view from above.

There isn’t a beach here worth mentioning, instead, there is one of the most beautiful lakes in Thailand – Thale Noi. Grab a boat and go admire the lotus flowers covering the water surface and dozens of bird species who made it their home. Stunning.

Add to this the fact that I was literally the only western tourist at a local night market (I visited in April) and it’s no wonder that Phatthalung has made it to this list.

Phatthalung is located HERE


I wanted to keep Khanom a secret so much, that I barely took any photos during my visit. I did do a live stream from a local beach once, but refused to tell the audience where I am. But not that I’m far away from Khanom, I feel like sharing it with you.

Khanom is proof that the darkest place is under the candlestick. Looking down from the local beach, you can see one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and the world – Koh Samui. And yet the beaches of Khanom are mostly deserted. They are also long, wide and beautiful, also when admire from the vantage point of the surrounding green hills.

I don’t know much about Khanom, I’ve only been there once and for two days. What I do know is that when if (when?) I return to Thailand one day, I will make my way back to Khanom.

Khanom is located HERE

Koh Sichang

The beauty of Koh Sichang isn’t in its beaches (there’s basically only one and not that pretty), lush rain forest (the island is mostly rocky) or local architecture (though you can find a large temple and foundations of a royal palace there). Its charm is in its lack of tourists and in the fantastic local ambiance. Koh Sichang is the closest island to Bangkok, but it received very few visitors – except during Chinese New year when the local temple sees and an influx of pilgrims. But the views here are lovely, dominated by green-blue water and gray rocks, the sunsets to die for, the food delicious and locals friendly. Koh Sohsichang is a perfect place to escape the crowds of Bangkok.

Koh Sichang is located HERE

Koh Phayam

Photo: Pimthida

IT’s probably the best known of the places featured in This list – Koh Phayam has been popular with the more persistent travelers for years. But compared to Phuket or Koh Phangan, it’s still a deserted island. When I visited it a couple of years ago, there wasn’t a single road nor a car there and tourists were of the more hippy type. What I did find there instead were amazing sunsets, the sounds of Thai reggae, the ever-present aroma of weed and an absolutely relaxed ambiance. When I think about Koh Phayam my longing for Thailand becomes unbearable…

Koh Phayam is located HERE

This list of the lesser-known places in Thailand is by no means complete. How many of you have seen the stunning Talay Ban Bua in Udon Thani, or took a treetop walk in Trang’s botanical garden, or enjoyed a sunset over the Mekong river in Songkhom? And there are just the places I’ve visited, I have another dozen marked on a map as worth visiting. Plus there are many more that I have even heard about (if you know any let me know in the comments!). And I hope, that one day, I’ll get to go there, and tell you all about them.

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