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Welcome traveller! My name is Maciek Klimowicz and I live in Thailand. I moved here from my home country of Poland, in 2011,  first to Bangkok, and two years later to Phuket. Want to know how I ended up here and why I made that move? Read on! 

Before I set out on my journey I led a quiet life in one of Poland’s biggest city’s – Wroclaw. I had a nice apartment, a decent job, a more than decent cat; I spent my days at the office… and wanted to shake things up.

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First Journey

In spring 2009 I went skiing in the French Alps. I remember going down the slope, enjoying the unrestrained space around me and thinking “No way, I’m not going back to the office, I have to go travel!” Later that year, after a few months of preparations, saving money and making plans, I turned those dreams into reality. My first big journey, in the company of my now ex-girlfriend, lasted for nearly six months and led me through  India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.  Those few months in Asia were enough for me to fall in love with these parts of the world. Which is why, once I returned to Poland, I kept searching for flights, reading travel blogs and dreaming to go East again.

Time Out

Autumn of 2010 was for me a time of change – I broke up with my girlfriend, moved from the city of Cracow where I then lived, back to my hometown Wroclaw – a city where the party never stops. And neither did I, for the next three months I partied from Monday to Sunday curing my ongoing hangover with early morning Muay Thai training sessions. And I might have kept going if it wasn’t for the quickly shrinking savings. Once I calculated how much money I had left, I realised that I was on the verge of bankruptcy. Sure, that is a choice, but I made a different one – one cold winter morning, I switched on my computer and, with a slightly shaky hand, I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. A few days prior I signed up for a TEFL teaching course. The die was cast.

Second Journey

I landed in Bangkok in February 2011, a month later I completed my TEFL course and soon after found a teaching job in a Thai school. I spent the next two years discovering this incredible city as well as travelling around Thailand and beyond. I visited Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan, travelled more than once to India, popped into Lao. And so, my dream of a life full of travels came true.

In the meantime, I also met the love of my life, a Northeast Indian girl named Jasmine. In 2012 our daughter Hana was born, four years later we had a son, Enzo.

 Third Journey

In March 2013 I relocated from Bangkok to Thailand’s biggest island – Phuket. But more than my address changed – I also finished my teaching career and went back to what I used to do back in Poland – journalism. I joined the team of the now-defunct Phuket’s first English language newspaper – Phuket Gazette.

Two years later I changed jobs again, and after a year spent in the Marketing Department of a luxury resort in Phuket, I helped launch NAA – a brand new luxury lifestyle magazine, as an Editor in Chief. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, albeit now in a different publication – Real Life Phuket. I’m blessed to make a living by doing what I enjoy doing most – I write. My job gives me access to people and places in Thailand which aren’t always accessible to tourists, which is why I can learn more about this country and understand it better – and thanks to this blog, so can you!

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Photo: Studio Wilkasy

About This Blog

I launched this blog, in Polish, back in 2009, just before setting on my first journey to Asia. Since then it has grown considerably. In 2012 it was bestowed the National Geographic Traveler Award for the best travel blog in Poland, it reached the finals of the Blog of The Year competition in 2011 and was named the third best travel blog in Poland by Press Magazine. I’ve had the opportunity to tell my story on the national TV, radio and multiple web portals.

In 2019 I began the translate all the content into English.

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