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Hello! My name is Maciek Klimowicz and I live in Thailand. I’ve spent the last 10 years blogging about my life and travel in Asia to help you discover its beauty for yourself. Read, look at the pictures, watch the videos and you might find out if it’s a good idea to move half the world away, to a tropical country 🙂

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Photo: Studio Wilkasy


Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic Tra­vel­ler 2012

for the best travel blog in Poland

Third place in Press Magazine ranking

of the best Polish travel blogs

Just Chill!

The story of my move to Thailand featured in Men’s Health Magazine – Poland. Issue 10 (96), October 2012.

I'm From Poland

My story featured in the first episode of the second season of “I’m From Poland” series by Travel Channel.




Nowa Praca

Mam nową pracę! A zatem potrzebna mi będzie nowa wiza. O tym w nowym vlogu. Zapraszam!

What I Love About My Job?

Having fun and getting paid for it, what’s there not to love about my Phuket job?

Is It Time To Leave Thailand?

Se how my kids and wife struggle with Polish tongue twisters….plus wondering whether it’s time to leave Thailand. 

Jacht za pół miliona dolarów…za tydzień

W czasie niedawnego Thailand Yacht Show na Phuket odwiedziłem dwa największe jachty, które zawitały na tę imprezę. Zawitajcie i wy – oto vlog! 

Ta Ostatnia Niedziela…

Idealna niedziela na Phuket? Nasza ostania była właśnie taka! Zapraszam na nowy odcinek vloga!