Private Guide in Bangkok and Beyond

Bangkok Guide

Bangkok is as fascinating as it is intimidating. It’s hard to comprehend this metropolis at first sight, and not much easier on the second and third. It’s easy to get lost in its urban mess or fall victim to scam artists, waste precious time in traffic and lose appetite for the city. But there’s a way you – hire a guide!

Polish guide in Bangkok

Not any tour guide though, not one who will take you to the same old tourist attractions visited by thousands each day, but one who knows the city inside out having lived there for almost a decade. Meet Lucas – your private tour guide in Bangkok. It’s someone you want at your side when visiting the Big Mango.

What can your personal guide do?

  • Take you to the most fascinating spots in Bangkok, including those away from mass tourism.
  • Organise tours of Thailand for independent travellers and for groups.
  • Book your hotels, transfers etc.
  • Prepare custom made travel programs
  • Show you real Thailand hiding under the touristy coat of paint.

Lucas knows his way around Thailand, has great connections in the country and, importantly, he speaks Thai which helps him negotiate better prices and reach places inaccessible to tourists.

Example rates:

  • 8h of sightseeing – 120 USD
  • 6h of sightseeing by night – 100 USD

Readers of Keep Calm and Travel On receive a 10% discount on all services provided by Lukas All you need to do is mention this blog when contacting him. Visit   to get in touch with Lucas, or send me an email and I’ll get you connected. 

Here’s a handful of snapshots from the streets of Bangkok: