Thailand – An Introduction

Tajlandia palmy plaża

Thailand – You’ve probably heard that it’s a tropical place, that it’s famed for its beauty, its islands, its Buddhist temples and spicy food. You might have also heard that it’s full of tourists, prostitutes and transvestites; that Thais have a king whom they love and that they are ruled by army men.

It’s all nothing but the truth…but not all truth. I’ve been trying to uncover more truth about Thailand since I moved here back I 2011. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting there like I finally cracked it but moments later I’m puzzled again and fail to understand it. Thailand is like a giant onion, you peel one layer off, only to find another

Thailand is like a giant onion, you peel one layer off, only to find another

Truly Beautiful

There is one thing however that I’m certain off – Thailand is beautiful, and the longer I’m here, the more beauty I encounter. Sure, there are ugly places here too! Some small towns are hideous, so are some suburbs of Bangkok, I find Phuket’s Patong ugly, same as Pattaya. But all this is completely outshined by the beauty that other parts of the country deliveries. The landscapes of Phang Nha Bay and Khao Sok National Park, sunsets in Koh Phi Phi, lotus flower-covered lakes in Phatthalung and Udon Thani, multilayered waterfalls in Kanchanaburi, Bangkok’s temples dripping with gold…I could go on and on.

But except for all that beauty, what is Thailand like? To avoid confusion (not easy in Thailand!) let’s stick to the facts.

A Perfect Setting

Thailand is located between the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand to the East and islands-covered Andaman sea coast to the West, rolling green hills to the North and deep jungles in the South. Beginning in the North and going clockwise, it’s bordered by Lao, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Its climate is tropical – hot and humid with plenty of sunshine, and this, combined with unique culture, mindblowing cuisine and the legendary Thai smiles makes Thailand one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

But Thailand wasn’t always Thailand. Before the 2nd World War, it used to be called the Kingdom Of Siam. It’s a name that used to strike fear and envy in the hearts of its enemies and admiration and awe in its allays. This, however, is all in the past, today Thailand is mostly associated with holidays – and for a good reason.

Ultimate Destination

Thailand is the most popular among Southeast Asia’s countries and the main tourist destination of the region. Everybody comes here – backpackers on their gap years and businessman on their MICE gatherings, budget travellers in their beachside bungalows and luxury travellers in Bangkok’s posh hotels. Newlyweds enjoying a honeymoon on white sand beaches and whole families enjoying Thailand’s long list of attractions. There are countless reasons why Thailand is so popular with travellers – stunning landscapes? Check! Crystal clear water? Check! Coral reefs? Check! Lush jungles? Check! Stunning women? Check! And there is more. All this, combined with abundant smiles and genuine hospitality of many locals make Thailand an unmissable experience.

You’d be hard pressed to find another country where budget hotels are so elegant and elegant hotels so budget friendly.

Thailand not only tries to please everyone but does it efficiently. No matter the budget and expectations, it has something for anyone. You’d be hard pressed to find another country where budget hotels are so elegant and elegant hotels so budget friendly. A place where you can fill up, right on the street, on one of the world’s most admired cuisines but also enjoy world-class dishes from around the globe in some of the globe’s best restaurants. A shopping paradise where you’ll sooner run out of space in your suitcase than of money. No wonder Thailand is also one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking to settle abroad – it’s simply too hard to leave this place!

But all the words in the wolds won’t convince you unless you come here and experience it yourself. The pictures you’ll take here, the people you’ll meet, the dishes you’ll try and the stories you’ll bring back home with last you a lifetime – or the next time you’ll feel you simply have to visit Thailand again!

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